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Made in LA 🇺🇸🌴

Are you an emerging designer, entrepreneur, or influencer looking for top-notch fashion development and high-quality manufacturing services? Look no further!

At our Private Label Clothing company in Los Angeles, we take pride in specializing in Garment Dyed Blanks, loungewear, streetwear, activewear, and moms and kids clothing. Our dedication to excellence ensures that all our products are made of 100% cotton and manufactured right here in the USA.

Our Focus:

    • Fashion Development - Patterns and Samples (Custom). We understand the importance of staying ahead of the trends. We here to assist you in bringing your unique designs to life and turning your vision into reality. Patterns, samples, specs, tech-packs, garment dyeing, washes, textures.
    • High-Quality Clothing Manufacturing. Locally Made. Quality and fair labor is our top priority. We offer manufacturing services for small to high volume production, ensuring that every item produced meets the highest standards. We are focusing in essentials, basics and elevated garment dyed blanks.

Private Label Services:

Streetwear Essentials

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Joggers. Dive into the world of customized streetwear with our array of basics and essentials. We specialize in creating oversized fits and drop-shoulder sweatshirts that embody contemporary fashion trends. Our materials, heavyweight cotton French Terry, Fleece and Jerseys, but always sticking to our commitment to 100% cotton.


Shorts, sweatpants and essential loungewear. Whether you're seeking relaxed fits or oversized pants, we can elevate your loungewear and activewear collection.


Bras, Leggings, Shorts. Our activewear range is where functionality meets fashion. We're exploring high-performance fabrics that cater to an active lifestyle. Ultimately developing 95% cotton and 5% spandex, ensuring you avoid that plastic skin sensation while enjoying the perfect balance of stretch and support.

Moms and Kids Essentials

Infant, Toddlers, and Kids Wear. Delight in our specially designed garment-dyed Tees, sweatshirts, Color block blanks and pajamas for infants, toddlers, and kids. Crafted from 100% cotton, cotton spandex, or bamboo.



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    Introducing our Minimal Collection: Custom Garment Dyed Blanks

    MOQ 72// 150// 300 Pieces

    Experience the ultimate freedom of expression with our Minimal Collection, offering a stunning array of garment dyed blanks, dyed to match any Pantone color of your choice. Whether you're a fashion retailer, designer, or influencer, this collection is designed to elevate your brand to new heights.

    Simple Ordering Process:

    • Request a Line-sheet: Reach out to us at and request any of these Line-sheets:
      • APA Blanks Collection.
      • Moms and Kids Blanks
      • Activewear Collection (Coming Soon)
    • Choose Your Style: Select any of our available styles that resonate with your brand's aesthetics.
    • Pick Your Fabric: Jerseys 40 Singles, 30 Singles and 20 Singles. French Terry (Heavy and medium weight) and/ or Fleece Terry. Always 100% Cotton.
    • Pantone Color Selection: Any Pantone TCX color of your choice. We will send you a link in the email with a Line-sheet.
    • Custom Wash and Dyeing: Add a personalized touch to your garments with our garment dyed process, which includes Reactive Dye + Enzyme wash + Softener. Rest assured, this process is already included in the price.
    • Timely Completion: Your customized collection will be ready in just 3-4 weeks.

      Please note: For any special fabric requests outside our available options, a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 300 pcs/ Style and sometimes 750 units may apply, depending on the fabric supplier's requirements.

      Allow an additional 3 weeks for knitting (special fabrics).

      We may not be the cheapest option, but we understand the importance of standing out from the crowd

      Our basics come with standard size tags and a beautiful white satin label saying 100% Cotton, Made in USA. LOVE WHAT YOU BUY.

      Included in the price.


      Choose any of our Dyes and Washes

      Elevate Your Brand with Exclusivity

      • Reactive Dye. (Included in the price) The most popular process. Offers vibrant and long-lasting colors. The dye molecules deeply penetrate the fabric, resulting in a uniform and even color distribution. The process also allows for a wide range of colors, making it suitable for various clothing styles.
      • Pigment Dye - $3 Unlike reactive dyeing, the pigments do not chemically bond with the fabric but adhere to its surface. Pigments are more likely to wear off after several washes and the color typically fades, but the result is a vintage and rustic look, creating a textured feel. Best silkscreen printing results with plastisol ink.
      • Tie Dye - $6 to $7 Hand-made process. 1-3 Colors. This technique offers a highly artistic and bohemian aesthetic. The randomness of the patterns ensures that each garment is unique, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Tie-dyed loungewear and activewear are particularly popular among individuals seeking a playful and eye-catching style.
      • Potassium Wash $7. This a manual process (Spray gun). This wash gives clothing a vintage and worn-in appearance. It is commonly used to achieve a "lived-in" look for denim and streetwear. The process can be controlled to create various levels of distressing, allowing for customization according to fashion trends. Best Silkscreen results, Water base and Plastisol.


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