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Ethical Manufacturing Practices

All Pima Apparel is a Clothing Manufacturer based in Los Angeles, our locallymade offers numerous benefits that extend beyond just our business. By producing in the US, we uphold our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing practices. Producing in Los Angeles enables us to maintain greater control over the entire production process, ensuring superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. This proximity allows faster turn around times, reduced lead times, and better communication with our clients, resulting in a more seamless and efficient experience for our partners.

In an industry where companies often neglect fair wages, work environments, and charge cheap rates, we stand apart. 

By choosing us, you're supporting sustainable clothing manufacturing, fair treatment, fair wages and locally made.

Be part of a positive change.



Cut and Sew Manufacturers in Los Angeles

We offer Product Development Patterns and Samples. Aditionally, if you are ready for production here is what we offer:

Low Minimum Volume - 300 Pieces/ Style

This service offers an opportunity for customers that may not have the resources to invest in a large initial production run. This can be beneficial in the early stages of their business. Although the price per piece might be comparatively higher for smaller production quantities, it allows customers to avoid the risk of overstocking and unsold inventory. By producing a moderate number of pieces, they can gauge the market response, refine their designs, and gradually scale up as they gain confidence and build a customer base.

In essence, Low Minimum Production empowers customers to take a prudent and calculated approach to their initial clothing production. Definitely ensuring a smoother and more cost-effective entry into the market. 

Medium and Large Volume - 600 Pieces >/ Style or More

This service caters to customers who have established themselves in the market and are experiencing growing demand for their clothing products. These entrepreneurs, emerging designers or and influencers have achieved a level of success that allows them to invest in larger production quantities confidently.

By offering a lower price per piece and accommodating larger production quantities, these customers maximize their profit margins and drive further success in their ventures.

If you are a micro influencer maybe you are interested in pre-orders. Check out our Influencers Program


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Cut and Sew in Los Angeles
gWe work with vendors for Trims, Main labels and Branding accessories.

We also work with Printers and Embroidery contractors.

Tech-Packs are including in the production service.

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Low Volume Production

Small volume production and samples.