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Influencers Affiliate Program

Ready to Launch Pre-Sales Easy and Profitable?

Our Influencers Affiliate Program is designed to make pre-orders incredibly easy and successful experience for you. Take advantage of the following benefits to maximize your brand's potential.

How our Influencers Affiliate Program works?

  • Choose any Style
    Select any of our blanks that resonate with your personal style and preferences.
  • Custom Replication (Your Favorite Hoodie for example)
    Have a unique style in mind? No problem! Send it to us and we will replicate it for you.
  • Color Freedom
    You can select any Pantone TCX shade you desire. We will send you a link.
  • Printing/ Embroidery?
    We got you covered, you will get access at preferred rates with us.

The Influencer Program Process

Sample Done by Us (1 Week)

Once you've made your style and color choices, we swing into action, crafting your unique pre-order sample to showcase to your audience. This ensures that your followers see the exact item they will be purchasing.

Launch and Generate Sales

Finally armed  with your sample, leverage your influence to create buzz and excitement among your followers. Definitely by offering exclusive pre-orders, undoubtedly you can generate a sense of urgency and drive sales directly from your audience.

Get Paid in Advance

Your customers will eagerly pre-order and pay in advance, building anticipation for the upcoming release. This not only generates immediate revenue but also provides the essential funds to kickstart production. We require only a 50% deposit to begin.

Order Based on Sales

Once your pre-sale campaign is complete, you can determine the exact quantity to order based on the sales generated. This eliminates the risk of overstocking and ensures that you meet the demand accurately.

Priority Order Fulfillment

We definitely understand the importance of maintaining momentum after a successful pre-sale campaign. Our streamlined production process allows for a rapid turnaround time, enabling you to replenish your stock swiftly. Expect delivery in 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the style's complexity.

Repeat & Maximize Profits

Take advantage of your influence by planning ahead. Schedule multiple festive releases and capitalize on the excitement of major events. Imagine launching 2-3 exciting collections for 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Christmas. As a result, you will maximize your impact and profits in a different level.


In conclusion, many influencers experience rapid sell-outs during pre-sales, and we aim to support your success by providing efficient production and delivery processes.

Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free experience, enabling you to maximize your time and efforts in generating sales and promoting your brand.

Let's establish a long-term partnership, catering to your needs as your brand continues to grow and thrive.


$250 Development Fees/ Style (Pattern and Garment Dyed Sample)


$250 Deposit


Development Fees waived once order is placed

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Influencers Affiliate Program