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Clothing Sample Maker - Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Our Patterns and Samples service is designed to transform your vision into a tangible reality in a very easy and affordable way.

Here's how we can assist you: 

Patterns and samples in 48 hours (Simple and Easy) from $350 to $750

  • First Phone-call consultation (Free). Let's explore your ideas, designs, and fabric preferences.
  • Pattern and Sample Development. We'll bring your designs to life by creating patterns (1) and producing samples (1)
  • Fitting and Adjustments. If needed, we'll make 1 more adjustment to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Garment Dyed Sample. Experience the final product with a garment dyed sample.
Our service includes functionally and visually pleasing tech-packs to ensure precise execution of your designs with Manufacturing instructions, Specs, POM, Color Ways, Bills of Material, Printing, and Embroidery.
    Waived Development Fees for an order of more than 600 units


    Flat Sketches Service from $100/ Style - 24 hours

    Technical Flat fashion design service simple and easy. We only need detailed pictures of your styles. r


    Tech-packs from $150/ Style - 48 hours

    Developing a fashion product is not that tough if you get a great tech-pack. Our service include:

    1. Free Consultation to get started with Design and Development.
    2. Technical drawings AKA Flats or Flat Sketches
    3. Fabric sourcing.
    4. Trims Vendors and suppliers referrals to match your production needs.
    5. Ready to print Artwork files for printing and embroidery.

    (*) Artwork has to be in original size and Vector (Adobe Ilustrator)


    Note: Development fee waiver is subject to meeting that minimum order quantity and depending of the complexity of the style.


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