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Our Private Label Collection offers a stunning array of garment dyed blanks made in LA and crafted from 100% cotton matched to any Pantone color of your choice. Whether you're a fashion retailer, designer, or influencer, this collection will elevate your brand to new heights.


  • We offer 3 Private Label Collection: 
      • APA Blanks Collection.
      • Moms and Kids Blanks
      • Activewear Collection (coming soon)

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  • Choose any of our styles: Select any of our available styles that resonate with your brand's aesthetics.
  • Pick Your knit Fabric: 100% Cotton Jerseys, French Terrys and Fleece.
  • Pantone Color Selection: Any Pantone TCX of your choice. We will send you a link in the email with a Line-sheet.
  • Garment Dyeing and washes: Add a personalized touch to your garments with our garment dyed process. Our added value, it always includes Reactive Dye + Enzyme wash + Silicon Wash.

Timely Completion: Your customized garment dyed blanks will be ready in just around 4 weeks.


Please note: For any special fabric requests outside our available options, a MOQ of 600 pcs/ Style and sometimes 750 units may apply, depending on the fabric supplier's requirements.

Allow an additional 3 weeks for knitting (special fabrics).

As Private Label Clothing Manufacturers we dont carrie stock. Its all made-to-order in Los Angeles.

Our basics come with standard size tags and a beautiful white satin label saying 100% Cotton, Made in USA. LOVE WHAT YOU BUY.

Choose Garment Dyes and Washes

  • Reactive Dye. (Included in the price) The most popular process. Offers vibrant and long-lasting colors. The dye molecules deeply penetrate the fabric, resulting in a uniform and even color distribution.
  • Pigment Dye. Unlike reactive dyeing, pigment dye do not chemically bond with the fabric, but adhere to its surface. However it is more likely to wear off after several washes and the color typically fades. In conclusion, it turns in a vintage and rustic look, creating a textured feel.

  • Tie Dye. This "hand-made" technique offers a highly artistic and bohemian aesthetic. Certainly the randomness of the patterns ensures that each garment is unique, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance.

  • Potassium Wash. This a manual process (Spray gun). This wash gives clothing a vintage and worn-in appearance. It is commonly used to achieve a "lived-in" look for denim and streetwear.


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